Comparison of USA and Finland pre-school curricula with MEB 2013 pre-school curriculum

Quality preschool education program should support the development areas of all children while allowing the implementation of early intervention methods by identifying their deficiencies in development areas. While supporting the education of children with normal development, the early childhood education program and standards should include adaptation techniques to include the education of children with special needs. Supporting all childrens’ education in early childhood education settings is possible with a quality early childhood education program. From this perspective, the education program to be implemented in pre-school education has a great importance. Education staff working in the early childhood education settings should have a good understanding of the education programs and education standards in terms of getting to know the children individually, implementing the education progmam, creating and evaluating the educational environment. This study is aimed to examine the pre-school education programs implemented in the USA and Finland and to compare them with MEB 2013 Pre-School Education Program implemented in Turkey to determine the deficiencies of the program implemented in Turkey and to take measures to improve it. The most frequently used document analysis in qualitative research methods was used in this research. As a result of findings, it was determined that there are similarities and differences between the MEB 2013 Pre-School Education Program, ECEC standards implemented in USA and the preschool education program implemented in Finland. Early childhood education programs of the USA, Finland and Turkey show some similarities in terms of providing equal opportunities to all children, being flexible and allowing adaptations for children with special needs. Decentralized early childhood education programs in the USA; widely use of “Educare” program, which combines educare and care in Finland; and the implementation of a central education program in Turkey are among the significant differences between the programs.


Early childhood education program, comparative education, qualitative research